A little walk down memory lane…

Swirl Earrings

As I was working away in my studio this past week, I was suddenly struck by a memory from my childhood that completely caught me off guard!   I was working with wire and coaxing it to cooperate into a pair of earrings when I suddenly flashed back to a warm,  sunny afternoon in southern  California.

My Dad had brought me a leftover piece of telephone cable  (I believe) that had 50 or 60 bright colored wires running through the center of the cable.  Once I peeled the outer layer off, I had all these wonderful strands of wire to play with     I remember spending hours,  perched in the avocado tree,  forming every shape I could conceive of out of these bright wires!  I also loved manipulating the wire and “writing” everybody’s name in wire.  I even wrote a few names in wire when I didn’t actually know a person named Penelope or Mandy but just in case I ever met them, I would be covered!

As I enjoyed that wonderful rush of a great memory, it occurred to me how much I can learn from what I loved to do as a child.  And it got me to wondering… what did you love to do as a child that has influenced what you do today?  Would it be teaching, sports, helping others, artistic design, or ….???  I would love to hear what activities bring the widest smile to your face!  Aww, go ahead and take a little walk down memory lane and share a comment with me below!